Lo-hed_GearSTREETSBORO, OH — November 5, 2013 — High performance process duty wire rope hoists are now available from The David Round Company for any size beam. Lo-hed® hoists feature H4 duty ratings, making them ideal for the most demanding lifting applications from 1/2 to 15 tons. The hoists can now be customized to operate on beams with 3″ to 14″ or greater widths.

The Lo-hed® hoist design maximizes overhead clearance to provide additional workspace over assembly bays and reduce construction costs by lowering ceiling heights without sacrificing workspace. A 1 ton hoist typically requires less than 14″ of headroom; a 15 ton hoist requires only 36″ of headroom. Lo-hed® hoists are truly heavy-duty and ideal for continuous use. They feature massive components many times the size and strength of those found in typical “occasional use” hoists. This construction has made Lo-hed hoists a preferred choice of steel producers, paper plants, aircraft manufacturers, the military or any industry performing critical lifts in a production environment.

“Lo-hed products represent the absolute highest quality industrial wire rope hoist available today,” said Matt Downing, Director of Sales and Marketing, David Round. “The Lo-hed design and construction have proven themselves for decades. We continue to support units that have been operating under continuous conditions for 50 or 60 years, which is nearly unheard of in the material handling industry.”

In addition to its H4 duty rating, Lo-hed® hoists are supplied with many standard features to help securely and reliably position loads with precision. These include true vertical lift (double-reeved), enclosed in-line gear train with oil lubrication, mechanical load brake, electric motor break, emergency upper limit switch, reversing controls and thermal overload protection.

Established in 1869, The David Round Company remains one of the oldest hoist manufacturers in the world. David Round offers standard handling products such as chain hoists, jib cranes, winches and tractor drives as well as innovative solutions including engineered wire rope hoists, all stainless steel chain hoists and jib crane motorization kits.

Major corporations and engineering firms routinely ask David Round to produce items which are non-standard for other material handling equipment suppliers. The company excels at designing and producing custom engineered equipment, purpose-built to tailor to special environments and applications.

Found in almost every industry from pharmaceutical processing and food manufacturing to oil and gas, aviation, pulp and paper and water control, David Round’s products improve handling system efficiency while making the workplace a more productive and safer environment through their ergonomic designs.