David Round’s products contribute to the improvement of lifting ergonomics by permitting workers to work longer and lift more, reducing the potential for injury or chronic fatigue. Many items we produce reduce or eliminate the need for motorized lift trucks, a goal of numerous safety managers.

As an example, our Roto-Mate™ retrofit jib crane motorization kits provide significant ergonomic benefits. The Roto-Mate™ product eliminates workers pushing or tugging by hand. (Or worse, pulling power or control cords and pendants.) Even more beneficial, these products eliminate workers from trying stop the motion of a jib crane by hand, which can lead to injury.

Our tractor drives, (also known as trolley drives, bridge drives, bridge crane drives, crane drives, hoist tuggers or sometimes Lo-Hed® drives) also increase the opportunity for lifting safety by motorizing the push/pull involved with moving loads.

Our capstans can help eliminate tedious or even dangerous manual load handling by adding powered assistance to a variety of lifting and pulling operations.

Our Ruger power assisted manual lift trucks and transfer carts can be a welcomed towmotor alternative.



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