As leaders in our industry, the David Round Company’s products and services reach a wide range of industries. You can always count on our knowledgeable and experienced team to supply the best equipment for your line of work. Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and can be customized to fit your needs.

The David Round Company is your source for stainless steel powered chain hoists, clean room strap hoists, stainless steel wire rope hoists, jib cranes, stainless steel trolleys, floor cranes, and other pharmaceutical lifting equipment.
The David Round Company specializes in the design and construction of corrosion-resistant lifting equipment, including food processing hoists, cranes, and winches. Unlike many equipment makers, we welcome your request for stainless steel chain hoists, clean room strap hoists, stainless steel cranes, stainless steel wire rope hoists, and other sanitary lifting products.

The David Round Company makes lifting equipment for aerospace manufacturers and maintenance facilities.

Our low-headroom wire rope hoists are found extensively in the field, and our standard strap hoists are used by a major airframe company to position wing panels.

Our floor cranes from our Ruger Industries division are used in both military and civilian maintenance facilities to lift and move engines.

The David Round Company is a major supplier for the oil and gas industry. Many items are available as custom-engineered lifting equipment, like Class I Division I explosion-proof products.
We have the ability to service an industry requiring rugged engineering for rough terrains. Our cranes and hoists can be used for the production of mining ore, pumps for sludge removal, or installations to process the mined materials.

Our cranes play a pivotal role in the production and storage of paper. The cranes and hoists incorporate safe handling of full reels, changing screens and felts, replacing rollers, transporting machine parts, and servicing all areas of the paper factory. Our cranes also pick up rolls of paper and store them vertically, making sure they are prepped correctly for the next step in the operation.

We recently made multiple custom-engineered, low-headroom hoists for a major converter to increase its roll capacity by 30%.

We have developed cranes to service the nuclear power operation process, which safely position live fuel into the reactor core.
Ruger Industries, a division of The David Round Company, has created custom engineered, full-powered floor cranes to improve its customer’s ability to set architectural glass. The unit tremendously increased productivity; with a 300% efficiency increase with 1/3 the crew.
The David Round Company’s hot melt hoists are built exclusively for safe and heavy-use in harsh foundry environments. We use an 8 to1 wire rope minimum design factor and 8 to1 critical hoist component design factor which is the highest standard in the industry.

We supply materials for handling solutions and in-house logistics for the entire automotive value chain. Manufacturers and suppliers use our services for lifting and transporting applications on their assembly lines. Special cranes are designed for specific plant presses to ensure that the correct devices are processed in a timely manner.

Our KDK modular system was created to help our customers’ employees improve the manufacturing and assembling of vehicles.

The David Round Company produces Marine Winch products. Weather resistant components make these marine winches ideal for shipboard use including anchor, ladder and gangway lifting as well as buoy handling.
The David Round Company makes a series of winches that are built to OEM, government, military, industrial specifications or The David Round Company’s own standards as needed. They are ideal for wind power winch or nuclear power winch applications.
Our floor cranes from our Ruger Industries division are used in both military and civilian maintenance facilities to lift and move engines. They are the preferred floor cranes to the US Government for aircraft maintenance. David Round also builds custom hoists and winches for special applications.
We serve the production, operation, and maintenance of power-generation installations. Our cranes and hoists are also used in the manufacturing of gas and steam turbines.

The David Round Company designs and manufactures engineered radial gate hoists found throughout the water supply and irrigation industries. Additionally, we provide engineered and specialty wire rope hoists to utility companies.

David Round is the preferred specification source of The US government for authorization in order to reach standard requirements.

The David Round Company is a major crane supplier to steel mill companies throughout the U.S.A. Our Cranes are built with 4H duty cycle for rugged services and high productivity.


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