• Fits almost any free standing and wall mounted jib crane
  • Available on new cranes or as retrofit package
  • ½ Hp drive motor
  • Roto-Mate™ powers jibs with capacities 1-3 tons and spans 14 ft
  • Roto-Max™ powers jibs with capacities 4-8 tons and spans 20 ft
  • 230 or 460 volt operation

Download the Roto-Mate™ / Roto-Max™ Motorized Jib Cranes Product Sheet

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Additional Features

  • Soft-start acceleration
  • Dual Drive wheels
  • Adjustable wheel pressure
  • Reversing starter
  • Field mounted electrical enclosure
  • Mounted frame sized to fit each jib crane canopy
  • Bolt-on or Weld-on models

Optional Features

  • Rotation limit switch
  • Electrical collector ring assembly
  • Hoist pendants
  • Air-powered versions
  • Canopy extenders (required for some jibs)
  • Torque limiter

Motorized Free Standing

Relieve operator strain in both high capacity and high-use jib crane applications with David Round's Roto-Mate™/Roto-Max™ jib. Our motorized free standing jib cranes reduce the risk of damage to products and machining centers with positive jib control.

Our jib cranes are found in many industrial applications where ergonomics and efficiency are critical. They accurately position loads by rotating the boom. Complete lifting systems including hoist and power feeds are available.

Motorized Wall Mounted

Ideal for over-crowded areas, David Round's motorized wall mounted jib cranes rotate with the push of a button. The Roto-Mate™/ Roto-Max™ reduce the risk of damage to products and machining centers with positive jib control. Our motorized wall mounted jib cranes help to relieve potential operator strain and injuries. Accurately position loads by eliminating jib over travel.

Fits Most Jibs!

Abell-Howe, Bushman, Contrx, David Round, Grainger, Gorbel, Spanco, Handling Systems, Inc., McMaster-Carr & Others


All products are available in Stainless Steel and Made in the U.S.A.