• Stainless Steel 8 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist
  • Stainless Steel Cable Hoist by David Round
  • Custom Built 8 Ton Stainless Steel Wire Rope Hoist
  • Stainless Steel Custom Built 8 Ton Hoist
  • Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoist Engineered by David Round
  • Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoist
  • Stainless Wire Rope Hoist
  • Low Headroom Stainless Hoist
  • Stainless Wire Rope Hoist

Stainless Wire Rope Hoist


  • ½, 1and 2 ton models are H4 rated
  • Built almost entirely from stainless steel
  • Air or Electric Powered
  • Low-Headroom version available
  • Option for Explosion Proof components


David Round’s corrosion-resistant, stainless wire rope hoist is ideal for sanitary processing environments or anywhere a cleanroom hoist is required such as pharmaceutical, food processing or electronics manufacturing.  If you are limited on headroom, ask us about our low-headroom options. The low headroom hoist design minimizes beam-to-hook distance, creating additional work space over assembly bays and reducing new construction costs by lowering ceiling heights without sacrificing work space.  We have already made stainless wire rope hoists that have only had 8 inches to work with! (See in pictures above.)

All 1/2, 1, and 2 ton models are H4 rated and built almost entirely from stainless steel.  What does that mean? The drum, plates, fasteners, bottom block, motors, gearbox, and enclosures (when electric powered) are stainless. The stainless gearbox is fully sealed with Food Grade Oil bath lubrication.   These can run from an electric or air power source.  David Round can engineer a custom cleanroom hoist to meet your exact needs.

Don’t think a wire rope hoist is the best solution for your application? See our other stainless hoist options below.

Made in the U.S.A.

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