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  • stainless steel hand geared trolleyStainless Steel Hand Geared Trolley Announced
    STREETSBORO, OH — January 21, 2014 — The David Round Company has announced the availability of all-stainless steel hand geared trolleys. With capacities from 1/2 ton to 5 tons, these trolleys provide accurate load spotting to the pharmaceutical industry as well as others that require clean room material handling products. — Read more

  • low headroom wire rope hoistLow Headroom Wire Rope Hoists for H4 Duty Are Now Available for Any Size Beam
    STREETSBORO, OH — November 5, 2013 — High performance process duty wire rope hoists are now available from The David Round Company for any size beam. Lo-hed® hoists feature H4 duty ratings, making them ideal for the most demanding lifting applications from 1/2 to 15 tons. The hoists can now be customized to operate on beams with 3" to 14" or greater widths. — Read more

  • Portable Crane Products Are Alternatives to Fork Lift Trucks
    STREETSBORO, OH — July 31, 2013 — Ruger Industries, Inc., has announced a series of full power hydraulic floor crane products. These portable cranes can lift and transport up to 6000 lbs. without effort using electrically-actuated traction and hydraulics. They are particularly valuable in replacing manual lifting equipment, as they provide an ergonomic, strain-free solution to moving heavy loads. — Read more

  • New Customized Jib Crane Motorization Systems Provide Ergonomic Answer to Worker Back Injuries
    June 11, 2011 — New higher capacity Roto-Mate™ Jib Crane Motorization Kits have been announced by The David Round Company. The kits are employed to provide powered rotation to either existing or new wall-mounted or freestanding jib cranes with up to 10 ton loads. By providing motorized rotation, the Roto-Mate kit can reduce or eliminate injuries resulting from workers trying to either start or stop the motion of a swinging crane, a significant source of strains and back injuries.

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  • Stainless Steel Articulating Jib Crane for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Announced
    October 17, 2012 – The David Round Company has announced a new line of all-stainless articulating jib cranes for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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  • Foldable Stainless Steel Floor Crane Announced
    February 13, 2012 – The David Round Company has announced that its Ruger Industries Division is now manufacturing foldable stainless steel floor cranes.

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  • Stainless Steel Jib Cranes with Glass Bead Finish for Pharmaceutical or Food Processing Applications
    August 23, 2011 – The David Round Company has opened a new manufacturing facility dedicated solely to the surface quality of its stainless steel jib crane products. The new in-house metal treatment center provides a glass bead finish for the structural components of clean room jib cranes made by David Round. These smoother, more hygienic surfaces are free of weld scars and other imperfections, distinguishing them from cranes with conventional mill finishes.

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  • Stainless Steel Hoist for Pharmaceutical Clean Room Manufacturing Announced

    April 5, 2011 – The David Round Company has announced an all-stainless steel strap hoist specifically engineered for demanding pharmaceutical manufacturing use. The new Lab-Lift™ product represents an advancement in clean room material handling equipment design to further minimize the potential for contamination.

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Hoist, Winch, Jib Crane, Chain Hoist, Tractor Drive, and Lifting Chain Products

The David Round Company designs and builds hoist, winch, jib crane, and tractor drive products. Established in 1869, we are one of the most experienced hoist manufacturers in the world. We also make industrial air hoist, wire rope hoist and electric hoist products..

Your Headquarters for Custom Hoist or Custom Winch Products

We excel at engineering custom hoist, winch, and other handling solutions. Call us first for either standard lifting products such as a manual winch or for unusual, demanding or difficult material handling challenges such as a custom hoist, custom winch or custom tractor drive. We have the experience, the desire and the flexibility to entertain special requests.

Call Us for Stainless Steel Crane, Stainless Winch, Stainless Hoist and Other Clean Room Equipment

All of our products are available with wireless remote controls and nearly everything we make is available in stainless steel. This includes stainless steel hoists, clean room hoists and jib cranes. Additionally, we make related cleanroom equipment including stainless steel trolley products. Our Ruger Industries Division makes all stainless steel lift tables for pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.

We offer a variety of lifting related products and accessories, including lifting chain, power heads and bottom blocks.

Electric Hoist, Air Hoist or Manual Hoist Products: All Made to Last

We are proud to continue to manufacture well-engineered and solidly constructed hoist, winch, tractor drive and other lifting products in our plant in Streetsboro, Ohio outside of Cleveland. If your application for winches, hoists, jib cranes or other material handling equipment requires proven durability, solidity and reliability, we invite you to compare our designs to others.

Every manufacturing facility needs a David Round jib crane. This plant has over 30 Round cranes.