• Floor Crane – Foldable Bumpers
  • Floor Crane – Floor Lock and Power Pack
  • Floor Crane – Floor Lock Option
  • Shop and Floor Crane with Extension Boom
  • P1000713
  • Shingle-1
  • Floor Crane – Custom Side Shifter
  • Floor Crane – Foldable Bumper Option
  • Shop Crane – Painted Boom Option
  • TII
  • Tiic
  • TIII

Manual Floor Crane Attachments


Ruger Industries offers a wide variety of options for its Manual Floor Cranes as well as custom engineered lifting products to help make your job easier. Contact one of our experienced experts today to find out which manual floor crane attachments/options work for you!


  • Side-Shifter
  • End Effectors offer pinpoint powered adjustment.
  • Power Packs that eliminate hand pumping and can be ordered with many Floor or Truck Cranes. Push-button operation speeds up lifting and is surprisingly economical!  This option is not available on Economy Series products.
  • Full Remote or Pendant Control for Power Pack
  • Power Up / Power Down option which eliminates the manual hydraulic system entirely.
  • Floor Lock also known as Floor Brakes are ideal for uneven floors keeping your crane in place and avoiding unwanted travel. • Adjustable Bumpers restrict crane from running into objects.
  • Manual or Powered Winch
  • Power Assist Travel Module
  • Swivel Boom, Limited Travel
  • Non-Marking Solid Elastomer Wheels
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Flow Control Valve
  • Extension Boom for 2 ton and 3 ton Manual Cranes
  • Hydraulic Brake
  • Load Test Certificate
  • Certificate of Conformance

Ruger Industries also offers a large number of custom options for its line of Manual Floor Cranes. Consult our factory for other options.


Contact our factory today for questions or other options 1-330-656-1600 / info@davidround.com

All Ruger Industries products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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