Stainless Steel Jib CraneThe David Round Company has opened a new manufacturing facility dedicated solely to the surface quality of its stainless steel jib crane products. The new in-house metal treatment center provides a glass bead finish for the structural components of clean room jib cranes made by David Round. These smoother, more hygienic surfaces are free of weld scars and other imperfections, distinguishing them from cranes with conventional mill finishes.

“This advancement in surface quality is just the latest in a series of design innovations that has advanced the state-of-the-art in pharmaceutical and food processing material handling,” said Matt Downing, Director of Sales and Marketing and Stainless Steel Product Line Manager at David Round. “We’ve listened closely to our customers in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and have responded with a superior surface finish for clean room use.”

David Round Company for Pharmaceutical Material Handling

The David Round Company has emerged as the leader in Pharmaceutical Material Handling Equipment design and manufacture, and now is the supplier of choice for all stainless steel hoists, (chain hoists, wire rope hoists and strap hoists), stainless steel end trucks, and stainless tractor drives. The company’s Ruger Industries division manufacturers stainless steel floor cranes and other stainless steel portable lifting equipment.

By offering paint-free 100% stainless steel exterior construction for every product it makes, David Round equipment stands apart from all conventional offerings to the pharmaceutical and food industries. Painted finishes (even FDA-approved epoxies) are no longer permitted by many drug manufacturers. Additionally, all David Round products are designed and manufactured in the United States.