CustomizedRotomateSTREETSBORO, OH — June 11, 2011 — New higher capacity Roto-Mate & Roto-Max™; Jib Crane Motorization Kits have been announced by The David Round Company. The kits are employed to provide powered rotation to either existing or new wall-mounted or freestanding jib cranes with up to 10 ton loads. By providing motorized rotation, the Roto-Mate kit can reduce or eliminate injuries resulting from workers trying to either start or stop the motion of a swinging crane. This is a significant source of strains and back injuries.

The 10 ton version of the Roto-Mate is a custom product, based on the highly successful smaller capacity units. Nearly any make of jib crane can be retrofitted at a cost that is significantly less then other jib drives. One-half to five ton motorization kits are available as standard products.

“Many plant operations and safety staff do not realize that powered drives can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted to free standing and wall-mounted cranes,” said Matt Downing, Director of Sales and Marketing, David Round. “These products are a simple answer to important ergonomic challenges and are finding increasing applications.”

In addition to reducing injury potential, jib crane motorization can provide many efficiency improvements.  These include eliminating or avoiding over-travel, machinery collisions, and hoist side-loading. Also, “jib drift”, (the unintended movement of a boom due to vibration), can be avoided because the Roto-Mate’s friction drive locks it in place.

Established in 1869, The David Round Company remains one of the oldest hoist manufacturers in the world. David Round offers standard handling products such as chain hoists, jib cranes, winches and tractor drives.  We also manufacture innovative solutions including engineered wire rope hoists, all stainless steel chain hoists and jib crane motorization kits.

Major corporations and engineering firms routinely ask David Round to produce items which are non-standard for other material handling equipment suppliers. The company excels at designing and producing custom engineered equipment, purpose-built to tailor to special environments and applications.

Found in almost every industry from pharmaceutical processing and food manufacturing to oil and gas, aviation, pulp and paper and water control, David Round’s products improve handling system efficiency while making the workplace a more productive and safer environment through their ergonomic designs.