Stainless Steel Strap Hoists for Cleanroom NeedsDavid Round’s all stainless steel strap hoists are now specified as standard at the injectable product manufacturing facility of one of the world’s 15 largest drug manufacturers. The facility, which houses multiple Class 100 filling suites and over 1,000,000 sq. ft., now employs pharmaceutical strap hoists from David Round exclusively on all new expansion and renovation projects, replacing painted hoists that had painted bottom blocks and painted hooks. David Round provides a pharmaceutical strap hoist that can provide assurance that there will be as little contamination as possible from lifting.

“This facility manufacturers only injectable drugs, which require the absolute highest standards of cleanliness,” said Matt Downing, Director of Sales and Marketing for David Round. “Their engineering staff has concluded that painted surfaces – even FDA approved epoxies – would no longer be tolerated in or near their cleanrooms. Our hoists have 100% stainless steel external components, eliminating paint.”

We can engineer a completely custom solution for cleanroom specifications. Take a closer look at our strap hoists here.


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