26_ManRatedPersonnelLift 333ADM ADM444Despite icy winter rain and snow, barge workers routinely scaled 50 feet of recessed iron rungs to reach grain-handling barges on the Mississippi River.

Unable to add more substantial ladders, stairs or other exposed platforms due to river height fluctuations, potential damage from barge collisions and the sure collection of floating debris, Archer Daniels Midland Corp. turned to David Round for a solution.

Working closely with ADM, David Round developed a man-rated crane system that would rotate and lower up to two workers in a basket from loading platforms to the decks of barges.

Workers were lifted or lowered in an enclosed tubular Steel basket to eliminate the high-risk use of ladders in inclement weather conditions. The personnel lift system also featured powered rotation to clear loading areas prior to lowering the basket from pilings found along rivers and on offshore oil platforms.


  • Redundant lifting lines
  • Over-speed (centripetal) brake
  • Slack detection with brake
  • Upper emergency limit switch
  • 8:1 Design factor on all critical components
  • Failsafe spring-applied motor brake
  • Rope guides at all sheaves
  • Rotation limit switch
  • Boom-mounted flood lamp
  • Warning beacon
  • Illuminated fault indicators
  • Momentary controls with PTO logic
  • Removable test weights (750 lbs.)
  • Thermal overload relays
  • Boom restraining lugs


  • Free-standing and wall-mounted versions
  • Spans up to 20 feet
  • 10 ft. under boom height
  • AC Inverter drive for hoist control
  • 35 Ft./min lifting speed
  • Tubular Steel lifting basket
  • Integrated UL-approved cable hoist
  • Sealed gearing with oil bath lubrication
  • 2-Person carrying capacity
  • Lift heights up to 200 ft.
  • Galvanized 5/16 in. diameter non-spin wire rope
  • NEMA 4 control enclosure
  • Canvas rain cover for hoist
  • Soft-start controlled crane rotation
  • Motor and enclosure heaters
  • Three control consoles
  • Battery-powered basket-mounted controls to include FCC-licensed radio control and recharging cable
  • Local control station at base of unit
  • Redundant control station for remote mounting
  • Mainline disconnecting contactor
  • Stainless steel rope sheaves