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Radial Gate Hoist

gate hoist

These base-mounted hoists lift radial gates are built to meet detailed government, power authority and gate builder specifications. They are designed for continuous operation in demanding outdoor water gating applications.

Available in capacities up to 50,000 pounds, these hoists lift and position various sizes of radial, tainter and bulkhead gates in order to control water flow through spillways and irrigation canals. Commonly configured with two drums for dual point lifting, the gate hoists are also available with single drums and other reeving options.

lift gate hoist

While new units are normally designed to meet the unique specifications of each application, drop-in replacement units are also available. Drop-in replacement models may be reverse-engineered through on-site inspection or built to meet original design specifications. Regardless of the design, all David Round gate hoists are certified by professional engineers.

Radial Gate Hoist Product Literature