Stainless Steel Walkie Lift Truck


Ruger Industries has specifically designed this Full Power Walkie Stainless Steel Lift Truck to operate in food preparation, pharmaceutical, electronics and clean-room facilities. Our in house team of Ruger engineers can custom design a Full Power Stainless Steel Lift Truck in just about any configuration that you may need.

ModelCapacity Lift HeightFree LiftOverall Height (low)Overall Height (high)
2050-7-02,000 lbs.50-65-1/2"-
2060-7-02,000 lbs.60-75-1/2" -
2070-7-02,000 lbs.70-85-1/2"-
2080-7-02,000 lbs.80-95-1/2"-
2090-7-12,000 lbs.905065-1/2"105-1/2"
2010-7-12,000 lbs.1106075-1/2"125-1/2"
2030-7-12,000 lbs.1307085-1/2"145-1/2"
2040-7-12,000 lbs.1407590-1/2155-1/2"
2050-7-12,000 lbs.1508095-1/2"165-1/2"
4045-1-04,000 lbs.45-65-3/4"-
4055-1-04,000 lbs.55-73-3/4"-
4065-1-04,000 lbs.65-83-3/4"-
4090-1-04,000 lbs.901263-3/4"111"
4010-1-14,000 lbs.1101273-3/4"131"
4030-1-14,000 lbs.1301283-3/4"151"


  • Models with 2,000 and 4,000 lbs. capacities
  • 50” to 130” lift height
  • Rechargeable DC battery pack powers both the hydraulic pump
    and power drive module
  • “Walkie” Walk-behind full power design improves efficiency
  • Adjustable fork width
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Full powered design provides motorized lifting and 3 speed forward/reverse
  • All Ruger Lift Trucks meet or exceed ASME PASE standards,
    which require design and build to 150% of rated capacity
    and are ANSI Z.535 compliant


  • Platform Attachments
  • Extended forks for long reach
  • Steel and Polyurethane wheels
  • Increased or decreased lifting speed
  • Spark resistant
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Fully customizable
  • Consult Factory for other options

Ruger Walkie Stainless Steel Lift Trucks provide efficiency, large lifting capabilities and dependable service.  Their adjustable fork width, large lift height and complete array of available options give you the versatility to successfully meet a variety of material lifting challenges.

Contact our factory today for questions or other options 1-330-656-1600 /

All Ruger Industries products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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