• Motorized Stainless Steel Jib Crane

Stainless Steel Jib Crane Motorization Kits


  • Fits almost any free standing or wall mounted jib crane
  • Available on new cranes or as a retrofit package
  • 1/2 Hp drive motor
  • Roto-Mate™ powers jibs with capacities 1-3 tons and spans 14 ft
  • Roto-Max™ powers jibs with capacities 4-8 tons and spans 20 ft
  • 230 or 460 Volt operation

Product Description


  • Soft-start acceleration
  • Dual drive wheels
  • Adjustable wheel pressure
  • Reversing starter
  • Field mounted electrical enclosure
  • Mounting frame sized to fit each jib crane canopy
  • Bolt-on or weld-on models


  • Rotation limit switch
  • Electrical Collector Ring Assembly
  • Hoist Pendants
  • Canopy Extenders (Required for Some Jibs)
  • Torque Limiter

Roto-Mate™/ Roto-Max™ Jib Crane Motorization products are now manufactured by David Round in stainless steel for sanitary and clean room use. Roto-Mate™/ Roto-Max™ kits provide powered rotation to either new or existing jib cranes, which can significantly reduce the injury potential posed by manually-rotated cranes. Back injuries and strains frequently result from workers attempting to stop the motion of a boom on a swinging jib crane. The Roto-Mate™ / Roto-Max™ package safely and accurately positions up to 5 ton loads with push-button control.

Additional ergonomic and safety benefits of the unit include the avoidance of “jib drift,” which is the unintended movement of a boom due to vibration or floors that are not perfectly flat. The Roto-Mate™/ Roto-Max™ unit has a friction drive which locks the jib in place, eliminating drift and the collision potential it creates. Additionally, jib motorization can eliminate hoist side-loading, avoid machinery damage and help keep operators farther away from crane loads while they are in motion.

Roto-Mate™/ Roto-Max™ motorization is available for nearly all makes of free standing jibs as a retrofit upgrade package to improve ergonomics, or it is available on new David Round jib cranes.

Made in the U.S.A

Additional Information


Automotive, Food Processing, Glass, Military, Mining, Nuclear, Oil/Gas, Pharmaceutical, Ports & Harbors, Power, Pulp and Paper, Steel Mill, Water Control/Hydro, Wind Power

Weight Capacity

1T or more, 2T or more, 4T or more, 8T or more



Explosion Proof?

Not Explosion Proof