• Hand Wheel Sheave by David Round

Load Chain


  • Calibrated chain manufactured to match hand and load wheel sheave pockets and idler sheave grooves
  • Load chain sizes from ¼ inch up to 25/32 inch
  • Load chain strength from 4,500 lbs up to 50,400 lbs

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Product Description

Model No.Chain Size (in.)Ultimate Strength (lbs.)Weight (lbs./100 ft.)Proof Test (lbs.)Pitch (in.)Outside Width (in.)
116W1/44,500582,700 0.7340.794
120W5/167,000924,230 0.8681.008
124W3/810,1501386,150 0.9461.225
124S3/811,0001376,650 1.014 1.205
128S7/1619,00018011,800 1.1751.410
132A1/225,00023215,000 1.4201.615
150A25/3250,40060627,000 2.0392.692

With rated capacities just 20% of ultimate capacities, David Round’s Load Chain is approved for lifting.

Calibrated load chain is precision made to fit the pockets of load wheel sheaves.

The David Round Company’s calibrated chain is manufactured to match hand and load wheel sheave pockets and idler sheave grooves. Connecting links are not required. Load chain links cut for connections must be welded closed.

All products are available in Stainless Steel and Made in the U.S.A.

Additional Information


Automotive, Aviation/Aerospace, Food Processing, Foundries, Glass, Military, Mining, Nuclear, Oil/Gas, Pharmaceutical, Ports & Harbors, Power, Pulp and Paper, Steel Mill, Water Control/Hydro, Wind Power

Weight Capacity

1T or more, 2T or more, 4T or more, 8T or more



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Not Explosion Proof