Hand Wheel Sheaves


  • Calibrated to match David Round hand wheels
  • Sheave weight from 2 lbs up to 11 lbs
  • Sheaves and guides are not bored or keyed; machining options are available

Download the Hand Wheel Sheaves Product Sheet

Product Description

 WeightDiameter (in.)   Width (in.)    
Model No. lbs.OuterPitchHubMax BoreHubFlangeMaterialPocketsChain
1/2-1/4W2 4.623.62 2.62 2.00 1.50 1.25Aluminum96TC
1/2-1/2W5 5.884.882.001.50 1.381.38Iron116TC
7-18 11.50 9.50 3.502.25 3.001.50Aluminum19116
7-1 1/28 14.2512.12 4.001.502.002.50Aluminum24116
7-214 17.8815.753.502.502.751.75Aluminum31116
8-S5 8.006.00 1.751.25 1.31 1.31Iron10117
719-1/267.506.50 2.00 1.25 1.381.62Iron10117
719-1*98.88 7.752.12 1.381.50 1.62Iron12117
719-1 1/211 10.509.502.251.501.62 1.75Iron14117

David Round’s hand wheel sheaves are used to turn shafts that open windows and actuate valves.

Optional lifting chain guides prevent hand chain from skipping out of sheave pockets.

Hand wheel sheaves and hand chains are not designed to support loads. David Round chain is calibrated to match David Round hand wheels. Sheaves and guides are not bored or keyed, but machining options for sheaves and guides are available.

* Consult factory for available boring / machining options as indicated sheaves have some limitations.

All products are available in Stainless Steel and Made in the U.S.A.

Additional Information


Automotive, Aviation/Aerospace, Food Processing, Foundries, Glass, Military, Mining, Nuclear, Oil/Gas, Pharmaceutical, Ports & Harbors, Power, Pulp and Paper, Steel Mill, Water Control/Hydro, Wind Power

Weight Capacity

1T or more, 2T or more, 4T or more, 8T or more



Explosion Proof?

Not Explosion Proof